meet our team

Chris Kaufmann, MD, MS | President, VP R&D

Dr. Chris Kaufmann is a co-founder and co-inventor of the company’s technology, and is responsible for business and technology development. Dr. Kaufmann is an early career clinician-engineer who is an Otolaryngology resident and current NIH T32 R01 research fellow at the University of Iowa, Department of Otolaryngology in Dr. Hansen’s lab. He completed his biomedical engineering graduate work in the Advanced Implant Materials and Systems lab under Dr. Mauli Agrawal. Dr. Kaufmann has industry concept development experience in the R&D department at KCI (San Antonio, Texas) with resulting patents. In addition to his clinical training, Dr. Kaufmann has research and industry experience in biomaterials, medical devices, drug delivery, and tissue engineering.

Marlan Hansen, MD, FACS | Chief Medical Officer

Dr. Marlan Hansen is a co-founder and co-inventor of the company’s technology, and is a key opinion leader in cochlear implants based on his extensive clinical experience, publications and industry relationships. Dr. Hansen is an expert clinician-scientist trained in neurotology/skull base surgery and cell and molecular neurobiology. He is the Marvin and Rose Lee Pomerantz Professor of Otolaryngology and Neurosurgery at the University of Iowa. He completed a neurotology surgical fellowship training at the House Ear Clinic. Currently, his clinical practice focuses on both cochlear implants and surgery of the inner ear and skull base. He is active in research and publications, currently serving as the PI for a clinical trial funded by the Dept. of Defense to use hearing preservation electrodes to treat veterans with noise-induced hearing loss; and is co-investigator on the ongoing clinical trials at the University of Iowa that determine the outcomes achieved with hearing preservation cochlear implant surgery.

Eric B. Timko | Board Member, Executive Chairman

Mr. Timko joined iotaMotion as Executive Chairman in 2016, bringing with him over 20 years of experience in the medical industry. Previously, Mr. Timko was President and CEO of Blue Belt Technologies which was acquired by Smith and Nephew in January of 2016 for $275 million. Prior to joining Blue Belt, Mr. Timko served as President and CEO of NeuroVasx, Inc., President of Carl Zeiss Surgical, Inc., and as Vice President of Siemens Medical Systems, Inc. Mr. Timko possesses a proven track record in building an effective and profitable organization and brings vast experience in medical technologies at both the start-up and commercial stages and across many specialties such as orthopaedics, neurosurgery, ophthalmology and several others. Mr. Timko also serves on the Boards of XTANT Medical, Orthalign and the Minnesota Chapter of Folds of Honor.

Allan Henslee, PhD | Director of Product Development

Dr. Allan Henslee is an experienced biomedical engineer with a diverse technical background including doctoral training under Dr. Antonios Mikos at Rice University, and experience as a Product Engineer at Alcon. Dr. Henslee has in the past served as CEO of Cellula Enterprises, a medical device startup. He brings years of biomedical research experience ranging from biomaterials development to product design and testing. Dr. Henslee was both a graduate and post-doctoral research associate at Rice University and the Institute of Orthopedic Research and Education.

Adam Hahn | VP of Engineering

Adam Hahn has over 20 years experience in medical device research and product development. Over his career he has worked for various medical device and robotics companies including Medrad, Philips, and McKesson, where he has taken dozens of new products from initial concept to full market release. Most recently, he ran the Mechanical Engineering department at Blue Belt Technologies, a medical robotics company acquired in 2016. Adam holds bachelors and masters degrees in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Pittsburgh and he is a licensed Professional Engineer in the state of Pennsylvania.

Adam Simone | Business Consultant

Adam Simone was most recently Director of Marketing and Clinical Services for Blue Belt Technologies (an orthopedic surgical robotics and implant company) which was acquired by Smith & Nephew in 2016. Adam brings 10 years of experience in product design and development, corporate and product marketing, and clinical process design in the consumer and medical device industries. He holds a BS in Mechanical Engineering and a MS in Biotechnology and Management from Carnegie Mellon University.

surgeon advisors

Bruce Gantz, MD | Esteemed Clinical Advisor


Dr. Bruce Gantz is Chair and Head of the Department of Otolaryngology- Head and Neck Surgery at the University of Iowa. He is internationally known for his work in cochlear implant development. He has directed a large cochlear implant clinical and research program at the University of Iowa for the last 30 years. In partnership with Cochlear Americas, he developed the first cochlear implant system designed for hearing preservation and conducted the first clinical trials leading to the FDA approval of the Hybrid L24 electrode array last year. Further, he serves as a current technical and surgical advisor to leading cochlear implant companies. He has served on several medical advisory boards, has hundreds of publications related to cochlear implant technology, and brings world renowned expertise and perspectives in cochlear implant research and development.


Craig Buchman, MD | Scientific Advisory Board Member

Dr. Buchman is the Lindburg Professor and Head of Otolaryngology – Head and Neck Surgery at the Washington School of Medicine in St. Louis. Dr. Buchman is a renowned leader in cochlear implants, specifically electrocochleography and its role as an indicator of insertion trauma. He is one of the most active cochlear implant surgeons in the country and his research interests are broad in the field of hearing loss and rehabilitation. Dr. Buchman received his Bachelor’s degree in Microbiology from the University of Georgia, and his MD from the University of Florida before his residency in Otolaryngology at the University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine and a fellowship in Otology / Neurotology / Skull Base Surgery at House Ear Institute and Clinic.

J. Thomas Roland, Jr., MD | Scientific Advisory Board Member

Dr. John Thomas Roland, Jr., M.D., serves as Chair of the Department of Otolaryngology – Head and Neck Surgery at NYU Langone Medical Center. Dr. Roland is a pioneer in investigating cochlear implant insertion forces and has lead work in early experimental robotic systems. He has significantly advanced the state-of-the-art for ENT patient care through a strong focus on translational and scientific research. Dr. Roland received his Bachelor’s degree from the University of Pennsylvania, and his MD from Temple University School of Medicine before his residency and fellowship at NYU Medical Center.

our company’s values

Hearing, advanced.

Advancement means many things to us. At the center of the efforts in our industry is the electrode; a magnificent device that continues to evolve and bring hearing to our patient population where hearing did not exist.

With our product innovations, we figuratively advance the science of hearing preservation and restoration. Also, we want to physically advance the electrodes that make it all possible. By deploying technology towards these central ideas, we arrive at what our company stands for. Hearing, advanced.

Hearing, cared for.

To innovate, we need to care. Care about the creativity, the passion and the dedication of our healthcare customers, and their patients. We are pioneering by collaborating with the thought-leaders and practitioners of this science.

A central tenant of our technology approach is to preserve as much hearing in our patients as we can, to protect and care for that which was entrusted in us and our physician partners. We measure every choice we make against this value. Hearing, cared for.

Hearing, accessed.

Our robotics-assisted electrode advancing device aims to increase access to hearing-preservation surgery by making technically-demanding procedures available to a wider base of surgeons.

Our work is guided by the principle that a rising tide lifts all boats. If we can develop technologies that increase surgeon acceptance of advanced procedures, we can continue to grow our impact on patients’ lives. Hearing, accessed.