Robotics for
Cochlear Implantation

Robotics for
Cochlear Implantation

We aim to standardize implant insertion, with the goal of expanding access to cochlear interventions for both surgeons and patients.

We are thrilled to announce that FDA has granted a De Novo request to market the iotaSOFT Insertion System. We will begin a controlled commercialization of this technology shortly. Learn More Here ➡

The iota technology suite is being designed for cochlear implant surgeons by cochlear implant surgeons to address unmet clinical needs.


An open platform robotic-assisted system that aims to decrease surgical variability by controlling the speed and acceleration of electrode insertion.


An implantable robotic-assisted control system that allows for precise intra-operative implantation, and enables post-surgical re-positioning in a clinic office to account for further hearing loss.


Cochlear implant with a fully-integrated position control system to allow for enhanced hearing preservation via precise implantation and in-office electrode re-positioning.

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