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Slow and steady

Robots are really good at control. The iotaSOFT system can advance a cochlear implant at speeds and with control beyond human capabilities.

Always under your control

It’s our view that robotics aren’t valuable if they replace surgeon skill and experience. That’s why the iotaSOFT system is designed (by surgeons) to work with surgeons. In fact, you’re going to free up a hand to help guide the implant while under robotic guidance.

More access to Cochlear Implantation Surgery

18 million

people with disabling hearing loss

1.2 million

patients treating severe or complete hearing loss with CI

6.3 million

potential patients with moderate hearing loss

We designed the iotaSOFT system to be there to help during insertion, without disruption to your normal surgical flow.

Why use the iotaSOFT insertion system?

Growing support in the literature

Both implant company instructions for use, and a growing body of literature support the need for steady, stabilized implant insertion as a way to decrease the risk of additional hearing loss or vestibular symptoms from inherently uncontrolled, variable, and excessively forceful insertions.

Decrease variability during implant insertions

Internal data shows that both insertion force and insertion force variation were lower on average with iotaSOFT use versus manual insertion across multiple surgeon experience levels. The technology provides sub-millimeter precision beyond human capabilities.

Your technology should be collaborative

The iotaSOFT system is designed to work with you, not against you. With a small footprint, it fades into the background when not needed, and is available to you during that critical insertion phase. Because it holds the implant at a stable trajectory, the system frees up your hand for use in adjusting the trajectory or for other tasks.

How easy is it to integrate?

Try It First

Try It First

Connect with iota and we’ll facilitate a hands on demonstration of the iotaSOFT system for you to feel the difference.



Unlike oversized robotic systems, iotaSOFT offers an economic point of entrance for hospitals to offer CI robotics.



We will provide you and your staff with training on the setup, use and maintenance of the iotaSOFT system.