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Precision Control

Precision Control

Preserve delicate structures of the cochlear with robotic control and speed beyond human capabilities.

Open Platform

Open Platform

Maintain your flexibility when selecting the right implant for the right patient.

Seamless Integration

Seamless Integration

No re-training on procedure flow: iota technologies fit seamlessly into your workflow, even freeing up a hand during insertion.

iotaSOFT® in Action

The iotaSOFT™ insertion system is designed to work with you, not against you, during cochlear implant surgery. Click to play this video to see the system in action.

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A Growing Body of Evidence

CI manufacturer instructions recommend slow insertions and limiting excess insertion force. Literature recognizes the important role that stabilized, steady and slow insertions play in decreasing the risk of additional hearing loss or vestibular symptoms.

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Open Implant Platform

It’s critical that your technology doesn’t limit your clinical judgement. This extends to your choice of implant. That’s why we designed the iotaSOFT insertion system to be compatible with a growing array of implants.

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Practice Marketing

We support our surgeons and hospitals with practice marketing resources, standardized and customizable templates, advertisements, product and patient-focused brochures, and more.

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