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Learn about robotic-assisted cochlear implant surgery

If you’ve been told you may be a candidate for a cochlear implant, you are likely evaluating your options. A robotic-assisted approach with iotaSOFT™ may be a good fit for you. While traditional cochlear implant surgery is a manual procedure, when a surgeon uses iotaSOFT they are leveraging robotic-assistance to insert the cochlear implant at speeds that are consistently slower and more controlled than a human hand is capable of. 

This website is intended to provide patients with information about robotic-assisted surgery with iotaSOFT systems. The iotaSOFT insertion system has received De Novo classification by the FDA for use in cochlear implant surgery. It’s important to remember that iota doesn’t provide medical advice. After discussing all your options with your doctor, only you and your doctor can determine whether surgery with the iotaSOFT system is appropriate for your situation. You should always ask your surgeon about his or her training, experience, and patient outcomes.

Your Surgeon + Robotics

Technologies are prevalent in most areas of medicine. Many help to enhance your surgeon’s capabilities, whether that’s to “see” inside your body, or to extend the movement of their own hands during surgery. The iotaSOFT system helps surgeons achieve motion and control beyond human capability.

What does it look like?

Your surgery happens in a very small space within the cochlea, this delicate procedure calls for a similar scale of technology. The iotaSOFT robotic device is about the size of a thumb. It interfaces with the cochlear implant, and then it helps the surgeon control the trajectory and speed of insertion.

How to talk to your Surgeon

To help you discuss your options, show your physician the iota website to ask if iotaSOFT surgery is the right fit for you.